2015 Bucket Item – Route 66 to Leo Lake Memorial Ride


Update posted on 09/06/2022. Yes, I have a large gap since I last posted about any trips – during that time we have been assembling a new company/personal webpage and this blog. All thanks to Jill at UltimateWPHelp.com. But we are still finishing off the construction details, so pardon anything that looks like a mess for a bit longer. Below is the last post before the break, as you can see it was just the at the beginning – hope to have this very good trip fully posted soon.


As amazing as it might seem, I left almost on schedule to head West to Los Angeles for the Leo Lake Memorial Ride (more about the ride and Leo later when I get around to posting about the ride). The ride will be taking place from September 11 thru 13, 2015. Even though I have previously ridden some sections of Route 66, I am trying to do a more dedicated Route 66 ride this time on my way out to where the Leo Lake Ride starts. It will still be a partial Route 66 ride as I plan to pick up 66 just east of Oklahoma City. I think the best remaining parts of Route 66 are west of Oklahoma City anyway! Stay tuned – it is happening now.

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