– RideAbout2010 was the warm-up trip prior to the actual RideAbout65 series.

– The first trip of the RideAbout65 series is RideAbout65.1, Trip Number two is RideAbout65.2 and so on.

– There is a link to each trip under the “Table of Contents” in the sidebar. The link will take you to the last post of that trip. You will have to cursor back to the start of the trip (clicking on the “older posts” link as necessary).

– The last post of each trip has an overall map of the trip.

– The maps can be zoomed and the type of map (road map, satellite view, etc.) can be changed.

– To leave a comment you will click on the post to bring up the comment box.

– For questions -contact me (tom@rideabout65.com) – I may or may not know the answer.

– I am still working on entering RideAbout65.3 commentary, but all the route maps and photographs are posted.

– Some trips were initially posted on Facebook. As I transferred those FB posts to this blog, I also added some commentary, photos, and/or video where appropriate.

– Descriptions of the motorcycles I rode for each trip and the gear I used are listed under “Bikes & Gear”. I also added info about modifications I made to the KTM 990 after returning from RideAbout65.4.