RideAbout2010 – Day 9


Total distance: 349.81 mi
Download file: RideAboutH.gpx

Total Trip Mileage so far:  3392 miles

I got to Olathe KS and stopped into Letko Cycles, a real enthusiast shop!  After discussing my crash and they offered to put my bike up on the lift and just give it a good check over.  They did not have the mounts I needed or a bike to cannibalize – however, when they looked at my “fix”, they said I should just leave it that way as it was holding up fine and should not cause any problems for me.  They tweaked my brake pedal a bit more and pronounced my bike fully rideable.  No charge!  You can’t beat that kind of help.  They also recommended a painter that specialized in Ducati repairs and painting promising me that they were sure he could fix all the scraped up parts to as good as new (Postscript – I did send the parts to him and he did an excellent job at a reasonable price).  Out the door and back heading east.


Tom Carter
Franklin, Tennessee

Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Motorcycle Rider/ Racer/ Tester

Husband/ Dad/ Grandfather/ Great-Grandfather

Planet Earth Arrival 1947

First rode a motorcycle around 1958

Still riding today…