RideAbout65.1 – Day 17 – Ride with Dave


Total distance: 285.65 mi
Download file: TripJournal-17.gpx

Today’s Mileage:  286 miles

Total Trip Mileage:  4243 miles

RideAbout65 Day 17 report.  The weather tried not to co-operate with us – showers predicted for the entire region all day.  Since Dave and I have ridden together off-road in much worse conditions many, many, many times – the weather was really a non-issue, we were determined to have a fun day, even If that meant rain suits on and off, getting a little wet, and maybe waiting out a few storms (ultimately we did all three).  We started the day with a visit to our mutual friend Kirk’s house to check out his huge collection of vintage Pentons and to get a look at his Swiss Army Truck (not a joke, and no, blades do not fold out of it…I don’t think…).  After our visit with Kirk we hit the back roads down to Springfield and Yellow Springs.  Then on to Xenia and Wilmington.  We crossed the Ohio River near Maysville and made our way down to Georgetown, KY where we hopped on I-75 to I-64 towards Louisville.  We got off in Middletown and had dinner before splitting up – Dave back to Dayton and me on to Louisville for the night.  We agreed it was a heck of a good days ride, about 286 miles, made better by the solving of the tire problem.

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