RideAbout65.1 – Day 18 – A Ride Home with Paula


Today’s Mileage:  2 miles

Total Trip Mileage:  4245 miles

RideAbout65 Day 18 report. Dropped the bike off at Commonwealth Ducati in Louisville for the first major service which was due at 7500 miles but since the bike now has 8676 miles on it I figured it would be a good idea to get it done. I also had an issue with the rear shock adjustment clicker that needed to be taken care of under warranty. Since it was more than a day’s work I decided just to leave the bike and come back and get it when the shop finished with it. In the meantime, Favorite Niece Paula had volunteered to run me home (about a 3 hour drive down the interstate) – it would give us time to visit. We stopped by one of Chase’s (Son of Paula) juice bars and visited a bit with him before leaving. Also, snagged some of his fresh local honey for Sandy, the Honey at home in Franklin. I will probably do the last days ride when we come back to pick up the bike. Total trip miles to date: 4245. I bought about 80 gallons of fuel for the bike which netted about 53 miles per gallon of fuel – not bad.

And so RideAbout65.1 is in the books – many miles and smiles have accumulated during the past 18 days.   I have found the Ducati to be an exemplary traveling companion and have found a good balance in the things I need to carry in my cargo.  Feeling rested and stress-free I look forward to getting home.  Paula and I have a great day talking and catching up as she drives me home…




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