RideAbout65.2 – Day 15 – Bishop, California to Caliente, Nevada via the Extraterrestrial Highway


Total distance: 312.04 mi
Download file: Day15.gpx


Today’s Mileage: 312 miles

Total Trip Mileage so far: 3912 miles


Heading out of Bishop this morning for the ET Highway, as in Extraterrestrial – NV375 that runs down the border of Nellis AFB and where folks think Area 51 is located.  My destination is, of course, Rachel, NV where the UFO folks gather. I will have a burger at the Little Ale’Inn and try not to get abducted or worse, “probed”.  Afterwards, I will head on over to Caliente for the night.

I have to remember to buy gas in Tonopah as gas is scarce out in that region – not much out there except aliens. When I rolled into Rachel, NV – I realized this place is truly pretty much in the middle of nowhere – just where an alien ship would land – pretty much nothing here, even the scorpions are lonely out here.  No wonder the folks that inhabit Rachel are a bit weird…that is, if they are actually “folks”.  As I park at the Little Ale’Inn and walk towards the door, I am wondering – can I call in a pickup by the Muthership inside there?

A little further down the road from Rachel I happen upon another group of True Believers and they have enlisted a towering metal sculpture of Gort, the Alien Robot as their mascot.  Out of their shop they are selling the usual UFO trinkets along with some delicious Agave Honey…or perhaps it is really something else…  I will know if I suddenly wake up surrounded by Aliens.  For now I take my chances as Caliente beckons.

Middle of nowhere

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