RideAbout65.2 – Day 16 – Caliente, NV to Page, Arizona


Total distance: 253.06 mi
Download file: Day16.gpx


Today’s Mileage: 253 miles

Total Trip Mileage so far: 4165 miles


I have breakfast in Caliente, NV at the Branding Iron restaurant, the same place I ate dinner at last night (only place in town, actually)  It is just me and some Harley guys looking for the same thing – food.  They had on Boozefighters colors with 2 of the 4 having brand new colors – when talking among themselves they spent a lot of time discussing patch placement and going “national”.  Not sure where they were going or coming from – friendly but we just did not discuss that – they were more into getting breakfast.  A few local guys came out and asked a lot about my trip and my bike – they had never heard of a Ducati before.

Today I will head out from Caliente, NV to Page, AZ through the lower part of Utah.  Extreme scenic and nice roads – sparse population. Page, AZ is at Lake Powell.  There are lots of National Parks in this region so it should be very scenic.

I crossed over into Utah not long after leaving Caliente. Still a bit desolate out here. When you stop the only sound is the wind…

I pass Lake Powell on the way into Page, AZ.  Page seems to just be a tourist gathering point for Lake Powell.  There might have been more to it but I just didn’t see it.  I find a very nice Marriott Courtyard in Page.  More than adequate for the priceLots of friendly folks at the hotel to talk motorcycles and trips with.  Quite a few motorcycles in the parking lot.

A large motorcycle tour group is staying at the hotel – a truck is hauling the luggage and the bikes each had the name of the person assigned to it on the windshield.  They were from Brazil I think – all speaking Spanish so they could have been from a number of places but the web site listed on the truck ended in .br which is Brazil – I was going to talk with them in the morning but they were all gone by the time I got out there.  A pretty well organized group though.

I had a nice dinner and a most comfortable evening in Page.

I have covered 4165 miles since I left home – the Nova Scotia trip was about 4300 miles total – I am going to bust that number by a lot!  My per day average is about 250 or so miles – of course, some days I have done more and some I have done less.  A fairly leisurely pace but steady – a few stops and conversations use tend to keep the total daily mileage down – but it works for me.







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