Total distance: 286.91 mi
Download file: Day17.gpx


Today’s Mileage: 287 miles

Total Trip Mileage so far: 4452 miles


Today I met another guy traveling alone up near Page, AZ – he was on a VFR.  We got to talking and he told me that a month ago he was in the hospital with a stroke and could not move his arms or legs.  He said he vowed that if he came home from the hospital that he would take a long-put-off trip around the perimeter of Arizona (he was from Phoenix).  He was doing just fine and had some good suggestions for roads to check out.  I figured if he could do this, then it is a no-brainer for me…

I stopped by the famous destination of travelers to this region – the Four Corners on Highway 160 – where Arizona, Colorada, New Mexico, and Utah all come together – you can stand in four states at once.

As I got closer to Durango, I went up in elevation and got a little cold.  Good riding up here though. Definitely Colorado

A bunch of friendly motorcycle folks were staying at my hotel, I  talked with them quite a while.  They had trailered up from Phoenix. Had a lot to say about the length of my trip and that I was on a Ducati.  Only one of them had ever heard of a Ducati.  And the inevitable question, “you are riding by yourself?” – I must look really old and frail – I keep getting that question…

A good BBQ sandwich at this joint just down from the Hampton in Durango put out my hunger fire.  Durango is at some altitude, fun road riding in but chilly – had to stop and layer up.



Just like in the old cowboy movies, on Highway 163 near Kayenta, AZ



Four Corners on Highway 160