RideAbout65.2 – Day 22 – Conway, Arkansas to Home


Total distance: 372.78 mi
Download file: Day22.gpx


Today’s Mileage: 373 miles

Total Trip Mileage so far: 6018 miles


This would be last day of RideAbout65.2.   I was happy to be getting back home but sad the ride was coming to an end – it has been such a soul elevating experience.  And then there was that little thing called “work” looming for me to get back to…  I would have to jump on the interstate for a short way to cross the Mississippi River at Memphis – then I thought I would run out old Highway 70 to Bozo’s BBQ.

When I got to Bozo’s BBQ in Mason, TN, it was closed.  Back when Highway 70 was a main highway (when I was a kid), my Mom and I would stop here to eat. She said it was the best BBQ in the region and was probably right. Today the place still gets rave reviews for its BBQ.  I will just have to wait until another time to verify the goodness of their BBQ.  So I just sat in the parking lot for a while and thought about how good it used to be when Mom and I would go there.

The next stop is near Lexington, TN for a not sure I would ever leave that spot if it were mine.

Then onward toward HOME with a most pleasant ride through Centerville.

The 3 happy dogs greet me almost before I can stop – tails wagging and each trying to get closest to me – Welcome Home.  The Ducati will get a cleaning and new tires but not today.  RideAbout65.2 is in the can.


Welcome Home - Whitley, Amber & Alex

Welcome Home – Whitley, Amber & Alex

Bozo's BBQ in Mason, TN

Bozo’s BBQ in Mason, TN



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