RideAbout65.2 – Day 7 – Roswell to Socorro, New Mexico


Total distance: 172.57 mi
Download file: Day7.gpx


Today’s Mileage: 173 miles

Total Trip Mileage so far: 2082 miles


The famous Roswell UFO Museum – I expected this “museum” to be pretty hokey, and, well it was – but it was also very interesting.  Especially reading all the newspaper articles of the time and recalling that there was no 24 hr news or really any TV news for the general public at that time…radio and newspapers. Lots of people visiting, here.

Heading out toward Socorro, pretty wide open and desolate.  But, beware of desolation!  In the middle of nowhere a cop car waited patiently at the speed limit change area…for he knew they would come unknowingly into his clever trap…and they did, one after another until he had his fill of donut dollars.  Yes, I too was selected as a donut donor for this day.  The cop was a bike guy and I think if I had been alone he might have just given me a donut warning but with the group of cars all stopped together with me, he could not really just let me go and not them….well, he could have but he did not.

All in all, the Day 7 route from Roswell to Socorro was an excellent ride except for that little meeting with the local authorities at the very endSocorro is the closest town to the Very Large Array (VLA) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Very_Large_Array) which would have hotels, etc.





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