RideAbout65.4 – Day 19 – Renton, WA – Breakfast with Patty and Larry


I met Patty Bernhardt and her husband Larry for breakfast this morning at the ever so aptly named Tommy’s Café.  Patty is Tim Sullivan’s mother and Rory Sullivan’s grandmother.  I knew her only from her internet connection with Sandy.  She is 85 and I only wish I am half as sharp as she is when I get to 85.  She has been the mother to 7 children and after spending this morning with her I can understand why all the kids would be smart and successful.  Other than motorcycles, she and I share a huge interest in airplanes.  She even put a new stop on my trip plan – to see the Spruce Goose again at the McMinnville air museum near Salem, OR.  We had a delightful meal and she, Larry, and I talked about everything and anything.  The time just flew by and soon we were outside taking photographs and exchanging hugs and handshakes.  It was such an enjoyable visit that I have to think what a gathering it would be with her and the Lipana family!

The rest of my day here has been spent trying to catch up on this blog – which I have now done.  And packing up to leave in the morning.  I will stop by and see Roger in the morning and then head down to Mount St Helens and then on toward Portland and Salem.

I did not get to visit everyone in the Seattle but the folks I did see certainly made it worth the trip.

I have truly as they say, “gone around the bend”,  well, not in the way that some of you might think – I have reached the Fourth Corner and turned left…


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