RideAbout65.4 – Day 39 – Memphis, TN to Home…the Final Day


Total distance: 190.3 mi
Download file: Day-39.gpx


Today’s Mileage: 190 miles

Total Trip Mileage so far: 7683 miles

I am listening to:  60’s Music : Rock & Roll and R & B


Heading east out of Memphis toward Jackson awakens old familiar feelings – having traveled this road as long as I can remember, first with my Mom before I-40 was even built.  As a teenager, I traveled it both on motorcycles and in cars as Memphis was our Mecca then.  Later, when I was in the air force I traveled it coming home to visit family and friends.  And then, after Sandy and I were married we traveled it to visit our families and friends.  Now we live on the other side and with the passing of parents we rarely travel this section of road anymore.  But virtually every mile is familiar once outside of Memphis, and with 60’s music filling my helmet, the feelings of nostalgia are almost overwhelming at times as I past the mileposts of the past.

However, once I enter Jackson, the past is sort of placed on hold for a while as the town I knew as a child/teenager is so changed as to be almost unrecognizable at times – I need to pay attention so I can find Tom Stallings’ house.  Tom married a high school classmate of mine, Craig Rice.  I met Tom pretty much accidentally and we have become friends mostly via email, sharing an almost constant stream of topics related to the Vietnam War, Tom is a Vietnam Vet also.  He sent me the first info I had seen on the Sargents Mesa Vietnam War Memorial and is totally responsible for me making the trip to the site in Colorado – I would like to blame him for the flat tire I had on the way up that gravel road but that is probably a stretch.  Since I visited with Tom and Craig on the way out, I figure it is only fair that I stop by on the way home as well.  So a nice stop, conversation, and coffee.

Then off to Lexington for a quick visit with my brother-in-law Tommy Todd.  He has been stalking me along the entire trip as I gave him direct access to my Delorme InReach data (Sandy and Chelsea also have that info).   We have a quick visit since it is getting late in the day.  Before long I pull out of Tommy’s  on the last leg of RideAbout65.4.

As I arrive home and pull up the driveway I notice the house and shop are still there – always a good sign.

Coming to a stop I am assaulted by the wagging tails of three happy puppies (well not exactly puppies, but their brains are).

Sandy is there with her ever present camera to record the moment and bestow the Welcome Home Kiss.

The she says as I am parking the bike, “I better tell you about the truck”….


Visit to TTodd

Stopping by to visit Brother-in-law Tommy


Home! Amber is last in the receiving line – Whitley was first, of course.



Tom Carter
Franklin, Tennessee

Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Motorcycle Rider/ Racer/ Tester

Husband/ Dad/ Grandfather/ Great-Grandfather

Planet Earth Arrival 1947

First rode a motorcycle around 1958

Still riding today…